Why Choose this Training Course?

You’re already successful as a leader and communicator. But now you must exercise even greater influence, solve bigger problems and drive unprecedented performance improvements. Superior leadership communication skills and the ability to adapt them to constantly changing circumstances are essential.
This training course is designed and delivered specifically to develop delegates that have been identified as having management and leadership potential as well as those that are transitioning into a higher leadership role. It provides leaders with an in-depth understanding of the five-imperatives framework for advanced leadership communication and how to apply this framework in their daily operational and strategic activities.

How You Will Benefit ?

Discover breakthrough leadership communication techniques for driving business value and becoming a more powerful leader.
Master best practices for influencing peers, managers, subordinates, customers and other stakeholders.
Become more effective at handling your specific challenges, from delivering bad news to increasing team motivation.
Communicate confidently in any environment, from spontaneous “elevator pitches” to high-stakes reports and proposals
Deliver powerful messages that win hearts and minds: messages that are short, simple, strong, credible, tailored to your audience and lead rapidly to action.
Learn best practices of cross-culture leadership communications of oil and gas companies in Spain.



David Sagrista

Director, Uptitude Consulting S.L Barcelona, Spain

Director, Uptitude Consulting S.L
Barcelona, Spain

Training Contents

Describe the Model of Leadership Communication

Describe the Five Imperatives of Advanced Leadership Communication

Describe the Objectives, Agenda, Methodology and Ground Rules for This Program

Organize Ideas Using Mind-Mapping

Pinpoint Your Message’s Desired Outcomes Using a Results Matrix

Tailor a Message for Your Intended Audience

Pick the Right Channels Through Which to Send Your Message

Perfect Your Message Using the KISS Principle

Identify the Characteristics of a Credible Leader

Demonstrate Caring, Character and Competence in Touch Situations, While Using Appropriate Communication Channels

Establish Your Credibility Firmly in Order to Persuade Others

Create a Logical Train of Thought to Persuade

Create a Persuasive Message That Evokes the Right Emotions

Reframe a Message from Negative to Positive

Adjust Your Message to Accommodate the Audience’s Needs, Wants and Style

Craft Messages to Champion Change

Identify Techniques for Building Consensus in Anticipation of Resistance

Describe How to Secure Commitment and Corporation Through Change Initiatives

Describe and Demonstrate How to Handle Resistance

Describe and Demonstrate How to Manage Conflict

Describe and Demonstrate How to Mediate a Hostile Dispute